Guide to the Unofficial LEGO® FTP Archive

This document is a guide to the unofficial LEGO® FTP archive. This page is maintained by David A. Karr. Please note that I do not maintain the archive itself.

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The top-level directory of the archive has the following subdirectories:

It also has the following file:

The ``cad'' directory

This directory contains various computer-aided-design tools for drawing your own LEGO instructions or creating images of sets from descriptions. See the annotated index for descriptions of the individual subdirectories and files.

The ``doc'' directory

This directory contains just one file, a posting (5K text) to the LEGO newsgroup in October 1993 by Chris Vaughn about a telephone conversation he had with someone at LEGO Consumer Affairs. The discussion concerned various topics including differences in the selection of sets and parts packs from country to country, the availability of pieces ``a la carte'' (they aren't), trading out-of-production sets, the existence of a LEGO newsgroup, and the posting of instructions.

The ``faq'' directory

This directory contains two files:

The ``games'' directory

This directory contains the rules for Legowars, a war game by E. O'Dell and T. Ogrin, played with LEGO Space figures with weapons and vehicles built of LEGO. There is a text version (39K) of the rules, and a PostScript version (63K Unix .Z compressed file). (You may have to download your own copy of the PostScript and run uncompress on it to view it, depending on your browsing software.)

An alternative (and presumably more up-to-date) source of this material is the LegoWars home page.

The ``images'' directory

Contains various photos and other images. See the following hypertext guides:

The ``reviews'' directory

This directory contains reviews that various contributors wrote on specific LEGO sets. It contains two ``blank'' review forms for creating your own reviews to upload:

There are reviews of the following sets:

There are the following mini-reviews:

The ``robotics'' directory

This contains a number of files intended to help you build or control real robots built of LEGO.

The ``sets'' directory


The ``uploads'' directory

Contains various files uploaded by contributors to the archive, but not yet put in other directories where they belong. See the annotated index for descriptions of the individual files.

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