All Alone

When the sun is up,
And the birds are out,
Everyone one is,
Out and about.

Only one is left,
To rule the home,
The one that is left,
All alone.

But this one doesn't care,
She can do what she cares,
With nobody home,
To send her upstairs.

She can eat what she likes,
And run where she wills,
Jump on the bed,
Enjoying the thrills.

She likes it at noon,
When everyone's gone from home,
For nobody cares,
She's been left all alone.

As for her parents,
They don't think she'll success,
That's why they left her,
Into this mess.

Her parents don't care,
About her at all,
They left at the orphanage,
After they predicted her fall.

With parents like that,
And the attitude she's
Her only companions,
Are the sun and the breeze.

When the others leave,
She can play with them all day,
That why she likes it,
At the sunny time of day.

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