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Occasionally, I've been asked why I devoted such a substantial Web site to LEGO toys. This has, after all, seemed like a lot of effort to expend on what is generally regarded primarily as a chilren's toy---a good one, but a toy nonetheless. The following explanation seems to satisfy most people.

I began collecting LEGO toys in 1963, and was extremely passionate about them as a child. After a brief interlude between ``growing up'' and having children of my own, I now have an excuse to have LEGO in the house again. On these pages I show off some of the things my children and I have built with our modest collection.

I also collect pointers to other World Wide Web pages that feature LEGO, and I collect information that other LEGOmaniacs on the Internet have made known about themselves. I have tried to make these collections as ``complete'' as I can, perhaps because it's so much easier than making a LEGO collection ``complete.'' These pages show off these other collections too, and make them available for any Web-surfing LEGOmaniacs who happen to find their way to this page.

The final piece of the puzzle is that this site began as a Computer Science project to learn about the World Wide Web---after all, CS is my professional field, and the Web is certainly an interesting and novel application of computers---and LEGO seemed something for which I could easily generate original text and images for a Web page about my own hobby. From that beginning, aided by my inability to say ``no'' to many helpful suggestions, the project just seemed to gain a life of its own.


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