How to Become a Cowist

This is the revised method of becoming a cowist.

Step One: The Oath

I, (insert your name here), do solemly swear, to be obsessed with cows to the point of worship/insanity, and to respect them in every way. To follow the ends of cowism and to be, in all ways, a follower of the cows!

Step Two: The Dance

To be a true cowist you must feel the need to dance for the cow. Do this right now, but you must have a cow in some form and 1 witness even if it is only a stuffed animal.
Now dance!! Dance for the Cow!!
[cow sugestion: print out Snuffles the Cow and dance in front of him]

Some Rules for Cowists:
Never,NEVER say anything that indicates that cows are stupid, that cows are not in every way perfect, or that cows are not worthy of your respect.
As a cowist you must love cows.
As a cowist you must never be angry with a cow.
As a cowist you must respect cows.

If you do not qualify with the above, you can not claim to be a true cowist.

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